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Here is my testimony of how I got saved and doing the work of the Lord…

Though born to a Christian family I never thought that I will be doing the work of the Lord… I was born in a small room in a village called Nazareth in Tamilnadu (India).

As everyone was praying and I was born so they gave me the name Jebaraj.My mother dedicated me to the lord’s ministry because every firstborn in the family died. After my birth, it stopped. When I was small 1 and 1/2 years old. I fell from a small stool and started getting fit. The doctors said that I have to take drugs for life long then 2 men of God came and prayed for me and I got delivered of Fits. Praise God The Devil thought to take my life but the redeemer saved me.

So my father who was working in SAIL Bhilai took all of us to Bhilai. When we were in Bhilai we had a peaceful life and life was smooth every need was met and we were living happily. My father’s younger brother was living with us and used to keep coins like a tower so I used to steal some out of that and buy picture cards and one day when I was stealing my father caught me red-handed and I got beatings with a belt. When I was in my 11th std I used to roam around with friends and I failed in college 1st year. So my parents packed me to Chennai and put me in a polytechnic. I passed the Diploma course with 1 st class marks in 1990.

Now my desire to earn money and be a respectable person in the society so I started a Business in 1991 in a place called Avadi in Chennai. I had no relationship with the lord as my intention was worldly fame. My business was flourishing and I got the name of a young successful business in my place. The business was in peak after 1995 started to fall and now I had to maintain my status in the society so I was not able to maintain my dignity in the market so I started taking loans with high interest to sustain in the market but there was a failure in all the things which I did.

During 1997 my business came to stand still and my so-called friends advised me to fly from the place as the debts were too high. I had one commercial vehicle (LCV) Swaraj Mazda and I started to roam around the country as a driver and my only intention was to finish myself so I used to drive at high speed. I was trying to die but this death was not coming as the lord was closely watching me many times the distance between me and the death was a fraction of a second I can remember that once when I was driving I slept and the vehicle went down in the slope and came up automatically to the road now I can see the verse in Ps 91 fulfill in my life.

In 1998 December when I was coming from Nagpur from Bangalore The truck broke down on the way so I had to stay on the highway. While I was lying there in the vehicle A thought came into my mind and I said If my problems are over I can try to live a faithful life to Jesus Christ. I can share many incidents from which the Lord saved me then my last trip I started from Chennai to Banglore on 4th Jan 1999 and reached there the next morning after unloading I went to my sister’s place. After taking bath I started to watch television from 11.00 a.m. to midnight at 2.00 a.m. then my sister came it’s too late why not you sleep as last night also you had no sleep. I had no proper sleep for years together. I just laid down then I heard somebody knocking on the door I said I am a stranger here let her open the door and I was in the same position then I heard a bible verse Rev 3:20.

Then I heard these things comes to you from ‘the son of the lord’.It was so powerful that I surrendered my life and said Lord please forgive me and I felt a heavyweight moving out from my head and I felt so light and peaceful after some time I slept like a child. The next day when I woke up My sister asked me why you are so happy and cheerful then I shared all the things which happened and came back to Chennai the next day. My mother was the happiest person to see the change in my life as she got the answer to her prayers for many years.

My dear brother and Sisters are you tired of praying for the salvation of your loved ones here are the good news keep praying until you get the answer. NEVER GIVE UP. Everything is alright but the DEBT was there as it is. The first thing I got was the hope of tomorrow. I started reading the Bible and pray and the closed shop was reopened in Feb 1999. There was no stock but I used to pray and share the love of Christ to others. Miraculously the lord started to close all the DEBTS and to glorify his name.

Praise the Lord. Now my business started flourishing again and the new business of cellular phones which I started with mere Rs 2000/-. Twice I went abroad by achieving targets..The lord was just pressurizing me to spend more time in prayers and his work but the business pressure was more. On Nov 1 2005 there was a fasting prayer organized by Bro John Joseph the Lord was speaking clearly to me and that I completely surrendered for his heavenly call to do his ministry.

The lord is using me in different areas of ministry and has also given the vision to promote Hindi Christian resources all over India. Please pray for me to be a true witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.